UNIVERSAL ANTHEMS: Revolutionary Message for a Global Cause – Published by Tablo, Australia, 2019


Section 1: Inspired Discourses

The Existential Narration

Conquer the World

The Global Cause

The Unanswered Question

The Great Misconception

A Small Dialogue with the West

Western Democracy or Islam?

The Fortitude of Islam

The Rhyme of Eid-ul-Fitr

Iqbal’s Concept of God: My Poetic Description

The Pride of Islam

The Gate of Knowledge

Just a thought

A Bundle of Contradictions

Thank you Dear Readers

A Message to Islam

The Revolution

The Godless Delusion

The Unnamed Lyrics

On 14th August

Anthem 2016

An Aspirant’s Confession

Ode to Someone Special

Homage to an Exceptional Human

Part 2: An Aspirant’s Confession


Philosophy of Religion

A Poet’s Dilemma

Islamic Modernism: Blessing or Curse?

Eid-ul-Azha Rhyme

A Critique of Western Philosophy

“What is it?”

The Alma Mater

The Divine Music

The Esoteric Song

The Universal Memorandum

The Alchemy

From Agnosticism to Islam

Search for the Truth

Our Next Prime Minister

The Million Dollar Question

Jesus – Tribute from a Muslim

Confessions of Aadil Farook

A Letter to Holy Prophet (SAW)

Junaid Jamshed: 1964-2016

My Autobiography

For Seekers of Truth

Wake up asleep religious Muslims

A trip to Murree

Advice to my nephew

A Short Note for readers

An Interview with Aadil Farook (prose)

Section 2: Enthused Verses

· Spirituality: Part 1

· Spirituality: Part 2

· Muhammad (pbuh)

· The men of God

· Iqbal

· The Controversial Rhyme

· The Coherence of an Incoherent Discourse

· Enlightenment

· Islamic thought & civilization

· Iqbal’s Educational Philosophy

· From the diary of Aadil Farook: Part 1

· From the diary of Aadil Farook : Part 2

· War on Terror

· An Agony of the Highest Order

· Religion vs Secularism

· A Critique of Religion

· A Muslim Response to Critique of Religion

· A Small Yet Conclusive Discourse

· A Silent Prayer

· From the Diary of Aadil Farook: Part 3

· A Loud Prayer (On Behalf of Muslims)

· Mystical Dimension

· My Perception

· Poem # 100

· Education

· Jinnah

· A drop’s ode to an Ocean

· Admittance infront of God

· God’s Admittance infront of Aadil

· From the Diary of Aadil Farook: Part 4

· Satan’s Secret Message

· Fall of Modern Intellectualism

· An Inspiration

· The Ramzan Effect

· An Act of Worship

· Return to God

· Aphorisms by Aadil

Section 3: A Bard from the East

You and I

Dialogue with the Common Man

Dialogue with an Atheist/Agnostic

A Beggar in the Kingdom

The Untitled Script

I, Revealed

The Cloth of Divinity

The Forgotten Entity

The God of Sinners

The Unsung Melody

Heaven and Hell

The Cursed Ones

Nature and I

The Riddle of Life

A letter to God

Anthology of Ironies

The Universal Quest

The Lost Treasure

Confessions of Muhammad: his Imaginary Tribute to God

Fruits from a Forbidden Tree

The Ummah’s Cry

The Plead of Despair



A Bard from the East





The Ghost

The Future




Sayings/Quotes by Aadil

Even color-blind people see black can’t be white (Prose, 2003)

Section 4: Song Lyrics

Fades Away


Soul Speech


I have neither read poetry nor learned it. Yet I am a big admirer of its exponents because they can say in one line for which a writer may require many pages. I neither know nor care for the rules of English Literature. My only exposure is constructive, meaningful, mature and beautiful lyrics from great songs I have heard since childhood. In the Islamic worldview, art is not an end in itself but rather a means towards a higher purpose. I am not exactly a poet and don’t have any aspiration to be one – I am a young man with a cause, a mission. My genre is religio-philosophical. Some of my writings may be only relevant for Muslims, some for all believers and some for all human beings. My works may not be read for pleasure alone but to understand bigger issues of life at a deeper level. Elucidation of important themes and relevant topics of concern is the goal.  As long as I provoke people to enter into their intellectual and spiritual domains, I am not bothered if the literary gurus criticize my works on the basis of expression rather than thought, style instead of meaning, delivery and not content because they wrongly consider art for art’s sake. What is the use of flowery language without answers to questions for a seeker of knowledge? I consider myself an instrument the Divine Consciousness uses to convey vital messages.

This is not exactly a new book but mainly a compilation of 3 books earlier published in Pakistan with some additions and changes. Despite excellent reviews by internationally recognized individuals, the books went totally unnoticed due to some unfortunate reasons beyond my control. So I decided to launch their collection worldwide. The first 3 sections comprise those books. I have kept their order opposite to the actual sequence but I have retained their original titles. Thus, I may disagree with some of my own earlier works but I didn’t edit them because I want readers to see the actual evolution, progression and maturation of my thought. Intellectual honesty demands that I do not change my works to please anyone and, instead, retain their original content.

Substantial work has already been done on Islam in Urdu & Persian poetry, especially by Iqbal and Rumi. Similarly too many books on Islam can be found in English prose. But there have been very few poets of Islam who used English as an original language – that is what makes my book worthy of being counted. I dream of the day when it will reside on the bedside of innumerable people throughout the world. I am not an idealist but, at the age of 36, only optimism yields positivity. Since it is God who blessed me with both a talent for writing verses and the gift of insightful reflection, it is only inevitable that I invest my time, energy and ability for His sake!




  1. A bard from the East – Sang-e-meel, 2011

  2. Enthused Verses – University of Management & Technology, 2016

  3. Inspired Discourses – EMEL, 2018