(Co-Author of Book) In the Moonlight – Published by ASWARA, Malaysia, 2016



My Review of Iqbal’s English Book / Celebrity Interview Article in Newspaper

Same review in academic magazine with changes by editors (not my version)

(Book Translation into English) Sasti Janat – Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmed, Faqeer Publishers, 2010

(Book Translation into English) Gunaho say kaisay bachay – Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmed, Faqeer Publishers, 2011 

(Book Translation into English) London say diyare Haram aur Pakistan – Sikandar Khan, Published by Maktaba Hanfia, 2013

(Book Translation into English) Saadat-e-Darayn – Mian Atta-ur-Rehman, South Punjab Printing Press, 2005

Translation of Wasif Ali Wasif’s Essay, “Bacha”, Published in Wasif Khayal Journal, 2019:-


What I see is a child, alone and sad. But he is free from anxiety or hopelessness. Like children, he is neither restless and impatient nor careless. It was very strange. However, the child was not that alone. He was surrounded by a crowd of elder people. He was lonely only because there was no other child. I went near him to inquire who was he, who were the people and which ground was it? Even before I uttered a word, he himself started speaking. This was even stranger. It seemed as if he knew me or I knew him. When I expressed further curiosity, he said, “Impatience is not good at all. Before using tongue and ears, one should use his eyes. See what is happening. This is a crowd of people; yet, everyone is lonely. No one is there to ask about the well-being of someone else. Everyone knows each other but do not acknowledge each other. Thus, they pass each other like total strangers. There is one more group within them. They are totally silent but the inner group is creating an entire tumult. This inside group is that of thoughts. This is why everyone is the way it is. And yes”, the child continued, “I will answer your question as to who am I, who are these people, what its all about and which ground is this? You asked so many questions that I found difficulty in answering them”.

There was not an iota of immaturity in the child’s words. If he was such in this age, how would he be otherwise, I thought. With indifference to my astonishment, he continued his sermon, “All these are my relatives, my family members; they are, indeed, mine; they were mine. Till yesterday, they were with me. All of us used to live in a village, far away. One by one, all these people left me with the promise that they will return soon but on reaching this ground, they forgot everything. In fact, they even failed to identity their own selves let alone recognizing others. Maybe, they forgot the way back and promises of returning. In their same abode, I now stay alone. I live with only nostalgia. Their memories lie hanging upside down like bats in a heap of ruins. They are visible only in the darkness of night. These people have come here after leaving a very spacious environment. However, these people have never remembered me as if their hearts are too small for me. For ages, I kept waiting for them but finally, after getting exhausted, I reached here.

This ground is the ground of self-worship. You can also call it the dwelling of the pursuit of wealth and fame. Here, these people have exalted their heights. They have changed their accents. They have turned negligent to their own hearts. After working tirelessly on computers, they have themselves become mere machines. They all see me but don’t recognize me. They listen to my voice and calling but do not trust their ears. Very seldom, they do recall me but machines have snatched away their sentiments. In a vain attempt to elevate their statures, they have become totally disconnected from their origins”.

The child kept mesmerizing me in the spell of his speech while I remained busy in a futile effort to hide my embarrassment on being humbled by a child. He said to me, “Why are you wondering on how I turned you into a listener? That is because you have not yet outgrown your height. You are still alive to some extent. Only you can act as a bridge between me and these people. You keep listening to me as you have no other option left. These people, after deserting their own places, have become engaged in which place? Maybe, these people have already died but they did not even have time to be informed about their death. They must have died in anguish without even being noticed.

But no! They did not die. They are just alive while waiting for death. Their living organ has died but they are still breathing. Their memory has totally faded away. Their past and future are dead while their present is messed up. Their hearing has become disabled. In front of their eyes, there is a veil of blindness. Their voices have drowned in the sounds, prevalent. These people neither belong to themselves nor to anyone else. They are simply unable to love. They can only compete. And the last competition is with death itself”.

“See them carefully; what are they doing? They are simply “eating” time and wasting away time. Then their time will end. But no! They will not die soon. They have big hospitals and immense arrangements. They can stay alive. For many years and many months, they remain alive on their beds. They can use thousand types of pipes and hide from death silently so that none knows about it. They have become big people. Look at that man staring at us. He is trying to recognize who are we. He belongs to us; he was very close to us. He wants to come near us but, sadly, doesn’t have the time for it. He has become a slave to a predetermined program. He doesn’t even possess the free choice to move around. He is a man of rank and honor. He is devoid of time for even himself”.

The child, by his magical sermon, had completely captured me. I wanted to get rid of him. I wanted to run away after putting a deaf ear to his words. He said, “You cannot be free from me. You cannot escape at all. You are confined within my area of spell. Look. What are you? Concentrate; you are becoming like me. You are turning into a child. Look. You have transformed into myself. You have become me. Now, there is no need of me at all!”

The child suddenly disappeared. I saw that I was the only child left in the ground. I was myself calling out, “Come, let’s return. Let us, once again, revive our old pact. Let us truly become us. Come towards fresh breeze. Let us run away after putting the machines to work with machines. Let us draw near to the splendor of nature so that we attain proximity to truth. Let’s stop poisoning a life of 4 days. Let us repent from the act of giving or taking anguish from an unworthy deed. Come, come. Let us recall the past. Come because there is still some time left. Come, let us resume our bond with the past and reduce grief of the present. Let us live for others rather than ourselves. Come and listen to a plea of the pleading one. Come and free the bats and ignite life in abandoned places. Come and relight extinguished lamps. Come and forgive each other. The Sunnah of conquest has been done; let us fulfill the Sunnah of forgiveness for all. Let us again recite the kalma uttered in the past. Come and grant happiness to every person of Holy Prophet (SAW)’s Ummah. Come and save, from destruction, the life of others and the hereafter of ourselves. Come everyone! But what sort of companions are you to not accompany at all? Come and search for the light of iman. Come and populate the lands of love. Come because we all are streams of the same river. We are boarded on the same boat.

Stop worshiping yourself. Stop lies being glorified through newspapers. Stop the business based on deceit which ruins iman. Stop the never-ending sequence of purposeless and meaningless desires. Stop making an entire show which is a source of humiliation and mockery of others. Stop because you will be brought, on that Day, right in front – in front of the Lord in whose presence you cannot lie at all and the veil of concealment of sins will be lifted forever. How will you look when you won’t have an opportunity to alter your deeds. The word of repentance will exist but its meaning will diminish permanently. That Day is very far – this is exactly your lack of vision, lack of perception and lack of comprehension of the Hereafter”.

I was just about to say something when I heard a voice, “Return from this place as this is the realm of dream. What force are you exerting?” I suddenly woke up. The first thing I did was to see myself in the mirror. I was completely myself; thank God, I was not a child. But I am still thinking who was he and who was I? What was this all about? Was it really just a dream?

Romantic Poem for Ex-Wife, 2015

You are the rainbow of infinite shades traversing the entire sky

I am just an eye filled with the wonder of your sight

You are the queen enjoying the grandeur of a palace

I am just a gem proud to be a part of your crown

You are the sun defying the existing of night

I am just a particle of a single ray

You are the melody of a symphony of Beethoven

I am just an ear-drum captivated by your sound

You are the trophy after an impossible victory

I am just a beat of the heart filled with joy

You are the peak of Mount Everest

I am just a stone displaced from the surface

You are the philosophy of life

I am just a thought behind an argument

You are the scientist unveiling mystery of the cosmos

I am just a tiny corner in your laboratory  

You are the passion in a bride’s first kiss

I am just an intention before a flirtatious gaze

You are the face of the most beautiful woman

I am just a concealed scar on her foot

You are the stratagem of a leader

I am just an advice of a servant

You are the devotion beneath an angel’s prostration

I am just a piece of cloth under his brow

You are the regret at the time of death

I am just a sigh of discomfort

You are the purity of a mother’s affection

I am just an infatuation of a teenager

You are the poetry of Shakespeare

I am just a verse of a song once played on radio

You are the grace of Michael Jackson’s performance

I am just a dance-move of a wedding ceremony

You are the addiction of a drug

I am just a habit left off

You are the intensity of human ego

I am just a feeling of doubt

You are the deception of a spectacular magic

I am just a mirage on the road

You are the thirst of a desert traveler

I am just the last sip of a drunkard 

You are the reason for a nation’s creation

I am just another citizen of the country

You are the calmness of a gigantic ocean

I am just the fragility of a drop of water

You are the selflessness of a martyr

I am just a pleasant gesture of an acquaintance

You are the certainty of a scholar

I am just a preacher’s opinion

You are the humility of a saint

I am just an emotion behind a salutation

You are the will of perseverance

I am just a desire for success

You are the gratitude of a Sufi

I am just an expression of “thank you”

You are the gift of genius

I am just an acquisition of talent

You are the sparkle of a spring

I am just a morning splash of water

You are the taste of the finest chocolate

I am just a spoon of sugar

You are the perfection of a champion

I am just an infrequent practice

You are the desperation of a beggar

I am just a motivation for a chore 

You are the thrill of finding a buried treasure

I am just the discovery of a coin on the ground

You are the stability of the wall of China

I am just a brick in a laborer’s hand

You are the holy book of a revealed religion

I am just a speck of dust on a library shelf

You are the prophetic prayer longing to change the world

I am just a letter of one word uttered

You are the fabric of time and space

I am just a fleeting moment

You are the conclusion of truth

I am just a perception of reality

You are the chastity of Rabia Basri

I am just the shyness of a virgin

You are the clandestine of God

I am just an occurrence in fate

You are the sacred tradition

I am just another rite

You are the breeze of paradise

I am just another fragrance

You are the intuition of a sage

I am just the guess of a child

You are the zenith of expression

I am just another smile

You are the pinnacle of nearness

I am just another embrace

You are the light of God’s disclosure

I am just a flame about to fade

You are the courage of a warrior

I am just a mimicry of confidence

You are the authenticity of love

I am just an instant of sensuality

You are the fervor of a revolution

I am just a wish for betterment

You are the pragmatism of Jinnah

I am just a dream of a poet

You are the meaning of existence

I am just a phenomena to undergo change

With splendid colors,

I painted the image of our love

You have captured the artist

Never throw the picture away!