UNIVERSAL ANTHEMS: Revolutionary Message for a Global Cause – Published by Tablo, Australia, 2019


Section 1: Inspired Discourses

The Existential Narration

Conquer the World

The Global Cause

The Unanswered Question

The Great Misconception

A Small Dialogue with the West

Western Democracy or Islam?

The Fortitude of Islam

The Rhyme of Eid-ul-Fitr

Iqbal’s Concept of God: My Poetic Description

The Pride of Islam

The Gate of Knowledge

Just a thought

A Bundle of Contradictions

Thank you Dear Readers

A Message to Islam

The Revolution

The Godless Delusion

The Unnamed Lyrics

On 14th August

Anthem 2016

An Aspirant’s Confession

Ode to Someone Special

Homage to an Exceptional Human

Part 2: An Aspirant’s Confession


Philosophy of Religion

A Poet’s Dilemma

Islamic Modernism: Blessing or Curse?

Eid-ul-Azha Rhyme

A Critique of Western Philosophy

“What is it?”

The Alma Mater

The Divine Music

The Esoteric Song

The Universal Memorandum

The Alchemy

From Agnosticism to Islam

Search for the Truth

Our Next Prime Minister

The Million Dollar Question

Jesus – Tribute from a Muslim

Confessions of Aadil Farook

A Letter to Holy Prophet (SAW)

Junaid Jamshed: 1964-2016

My Autobiography

For Seekers of Truth

Wake up asleep religious Muslims

A trip to Murree

Advice to my nephew

A Short Note for readers

An Interview with Aadil Farook (prose)

Section 2: Enthused Verses

· Spirituality: Part 1

· Spirituality: Part 2

· Muhammad (pbuh)

· The men of God

· Iqbal

· The Controversial Rhyme

· The Coherence of an Incoherent Discourse

· Enlightenment

· Islamic thought & civilization

· Iqbal’s Educational Philosophy

· From the diary of Aadil Farook: Part 1

· From the diary of Aadil Farook : Part 2

· War on Terror

· An Agony of the Highest Order

· Religion vs Secularism

· A Critique of Religion

· A Muslim Response to Critique of Religion

· A Small Yet Conclusive Discourse

· A Silent Prayer

· From the Diary of Aadil Farook: Part 3

· A Loud Prayer (On Behalf of Muslims)

· Mystical Dimension

· My Perception

· Poem # 100

· Education

· Jinnah

· A drop’s ode to an Ocean

· Admittance infront of God

· God’s Admittance infront of Aadil

· From the Diary of Aadil Farook: Part 4

· Satan’s Secret Message

· Fall of Modern Intellectualism

· An Inspiration

· The Ramzan Effect

· An Act of Worship

· Return to God

· Aphorisms by Aadil

Section 3: A Bard from the East

You and I

Dialogue with the Common Man

Dialogue with an Atheist/Agnostic

A Beggar in the Kingdom

The Untitled Script

I, Revealed

The Cloth of Divinity

The Forgotten Entity

The God of Sinners

The Unsung Melody

Heaven and Hell

The Cursed Ones

Nature and I

The Riddle of Life

A letter to God

Anthology of Ironies

The Universal Quest

The Lost Treasure

Confessions of Muhammad: his Imaginary Tribute to God

Fruits from a Forbidden Tree

The Ummah’s Cry

The Plead of Despair



A Bard from the East





The Ghost

The Future




Sayings/Quotes by Aadil

Even color-blind people see black can’t be white (Prose, 2003)

Section 4: Song Lyrics

Fades Away


Soul Speech


I have neither read poetry nor learned it. Yet I am a big admirer of its exponents because they can say in one line for which a writer may require many pages. I neither know nor care for the rules of English Literature. My only exposure is constructive, meaningful, mature and beautiful lyrics from great songs I have heard since childhood. In the Islamic worldview, art is not an end in itself but rather a means towards a higher purpose. I am not exactly a poet and don’t have any aspiration to be one – I am a young man with a cause, a mission. My genre is religio-philosophical. Some of my writings may be only relevant for Muslims, some for all believers and some for all human beings. My works may not be read for pleasure alone but to understand bigger issues of life at a deeper level. Elucidation of important themes and relevant topics of concern is the goal.  As long as I provoke people to enter into their intellectual and spiritual domains, I am not bothered if the literary gurus criticize my works on the basis of expression rather than thought, style instead of meaning, delivery and not content because they wrongly consider art for art’s sake. What is the use of flowery language without answers to questions for a seeker of knowledge? I consider myself an instrument the Divine Consciousness uses to convey vital messages.

This is not exactly a new book but mainly a compilation of 3 books earlier published in Pakistan with some additions and changes. Despite excellent reviews by internationally recognized individuals, the books went totally unnoticed due to some unfortunate reasons beyond my control. So I decided to launch their collection worldwide. The first 3 sections comprise those books. I have kept their order opposite to the actual sequence but I have retained their original titles. Thus, I may disagree with some of my own earlier works but I didn’t edit them because I want readers to see the actual evolution, progression and maturation of my thought. Intellectual honesty demands that I do not change my works to please anyone and, instead, retain their original content.

Substantial work has already been done on Islam in Urdu & Persian poetry, especially by Iqbal and Rumi. Similarly too many books on Islam can be found in English prose. But there have been very few poets of Islam who used English as an original language – that is what makes my book worthy of being counted. I dream of the day when it will reside on the bedside of innumerable people throughout the world. I am not an idealist but, at the age of 36, only optimism yields positivity. Since it is God who blessed me with both a talent for writing verses and the gift of insightful reflection, it is only inevitable that I invest my time, energy and ability for His sake!

Muslim World Anthem, 2010: Wept After Writing it!

The Ummah’s Cry
Let the flower of sanguinity bloom
Whether the zephyr of conquest blows or not
Let the clouds of unity burst
Whether the rain of tranquility falls or not
Let the strings of struggle be plucked
Whether the melody of triumph echoes or not
Let the shades of brotherhood prevail
Whether the color of love forms or not
Let the sagacity of revelation rule
Whether intellect’s grasp captures it or not
Let the wings of faith take you far
Whether reason’s ascent reaches there or not
Let the fervor of heart behest you
Whether mind’s consent is granted or not
Let the alchemy of religion transform you
Whether tribulation’s heat melts you or not
Let your ship sail to the shore of sainthood
Whether the rock of calamity hits it or not
Let your eyes drown in tears
Whether your limbs sinned or not
Let the rhythm of Quran fail your senses
Whether your ears hear the beat or not
Let the words set your spirit ablaze
Whether the language estranges you or not
Let the verses carve endless paths in you
Whether your mortality bears it or not
Let the chapters unlock new vistas for you
Whether knowledge is expended or not
Let life’s pendulum hinge on Sunnah
Whether the air lets it swing or not
Let yourself traverse Muhammad’s path
Whether his footsteps are followed or not
Let his attributes envelope you
Whether you saw him or not
Let his lamentation stir you
Whether you heard it or not
Let salutation provoke him to greet you
Whether he is present or not
Let piety unseat talent
Whether prestige is bestowed or not
Let belief defy logic
Whether the world has changed or not
Let deeds engulf means
Whether time space cater or not
Let yourself shatter the fetters of West
Whether you are mocked or not
Let a Sufi be mightier than a tyrant
Whether he is feared or not
Let holy warriors be as worthy as the genius
Whether they are envied or not
Let your soul wear the vicegerent’s attire
Whether your body is worthy or not
Let your will write fate
Whether the Grand Pen has dried or not
Let the cosmos connive for you
Whether you knew it or not
Let your acts alter history
Whether prophethood is sealed or not
Let God rejoice your creation
Whether the angels comprehend it or not
Let Him hail your existence
Whether Satan surrenders or not
Let He await your return
Whether you yearn for it or not
Let Him embrace your being
Whether you earned it or not!
The Existential Narration, 2018
Is life a supreme puzzle?
Is it an unsolved riddle?
Is it really a gift from God
or a test that cuts like a sword?
Is it actually the conquest of evil
or virtue’s manifestation in few people?
Is it the nurture of intellect in minds
or disclosure of emotions of all kinds?
Is it the drama that is simply too real
or the gradual opening of fate’s seal?
Is it as organized as empirical Science
or a random set of events with no signs?
Is it mere occurrence of tragedies for the pure?
Does it have an equalizer after its tenure?
Isn’t throughout history havoc been played?
Is it worth the price that was paid?
Is it only an opportunity for our talents’ display
Or a chance to perform deeds that won’t go away?
Is world peace only a utopian idea of the naive?
Hasn’t this planet been chaotic since Adam & Eve?
Awful is the record of human nature
Is man the most superior creature?
Does religion unveil the mystery
or only plant a rootless tree?
Neither books nor experience gives answers
Knowledge is built on weak pillars
Mystics say that without a clean soul
Thought is deprived of the right role
Uncertainties diminish in the self’s mirror
When man goes beyond philosophy’s border
When he drowns in the divine love’s ocean
When he tastes flavors unknown to reason
However, man cannot understand this
without being in that state’s bliss
For most, this discourse makes no sense
But the reward of surrender is immense
I am myself stuck in that zone
where vanity isn’t yet blown
Maybe I will never attain that spiritual level
where hearts aren’t corrupted by the devil
But I will always acknowledge my insignificance
infront of those who have gone the distance!
Conquer the World, 2018

Rise above daily chores
Throw inhibition on the floor
No more slavery to mundane deeds
Man is elevated when fully freed
From the goblet of life, pour in your heart
An endless stream of vigor to set you apart
Let every morning embrace new targets
Let your eyes be blind to all limits
Be numb to every impulse of fear
Meet each doubt with a haughty sneer
Though easy isn’t the striving to excel
“Nothing is impossible”, heroes tell
Greatness is the outcome of dreams
No matter how unrealistic it seems
Make your thirst the sole guidance
And perseverance, the only reliance
Sharpen the knife of your defining trait
Cut every hurdle that lies in your fate
Allow yourself to be challenged again and again
So your footsteps traverse an unwalked lane
Whether it is talent or virtue
Be such that others follow you
None of your indulgences is a vain venture
But a path towards a glorious future
Your every act shall be a beacon of inspiration
Each expression, a symbol of self-actualization
Let the diamond within you shine profusely
So your feat is hailed by entire humanity
Conquer the world, O aspiring champion
It’s a mere jungle, you’re the lion!


The Million Dollar Question, 2017   

Throughout history, genius people have walked on this planet
Nature blessed them with gifts otherwise impossible to exhibit
Scientists presented theories that turned our outlook upside-down
Philosophers generated ideas which made all other opinions drown
Artists displayed talents adding new dimensions to life’s beauty
Poets and Writers granted insights undiscovered by majority
Leaders showed us the path towards a major revolution
Humanitarians proved love’s power beyond any emotion
Inventors changed the world with introduction of technology
Saints manifested evidence of our potential for morality
Sportsmen unveiled how practice leads to perfection
Hitler personified intellect led by evil ambition
We should ask what is the method for measuring the greatness of any human?
Grandeur of purpose, scarcity of means and astounding results are the criterion
Who is that one king among entire mankind
who must capture every heart and mind?
whose knowledge hasn’t yet been surpassed by any scholar
whose unparalleled success is both spiritual and secular
who conquered everything whether beliefs, ethics, law or land
whose teachings make ideals and reality both go hand in hand
who was a thinker, mystic, legislator, soldier, orator and ruler
who defied the division between politics and religious fervor
whose strategy on peace and war stands the test of time
whose guidance is for every age practical and sublime
whose economic principles can end the crisis of our generation
whose treatise on medicine can give health a vital direction
who alone brought a system of values and acts
with not a single flaw if based on only facts
whose message transcends language, race, culture and nationality
who is in the modern era, the most misunderstood personality
In tainting his image, the enemies of truth have tried their best
Innumerable books against him are written ignorantly in the West
Since critics cannot undermine his achievement’s immensity
The only way left is to attack his character’s integrity
A layman who doesn’t understand the complexity of his mission
is easily influenced by such distorted discourse’s narration
I challenge the educated and literate individuals
Can you name one man with superior credentials?
Infront of his caliber and righteousness, I submit
He is none other than Muhammad, the last Prophet!


As the cosmos keeps expanding without hesitation
It’s creator continues to cling to untiring compassion
Stars, sun, planets, galaxies, all submit to His will
Man alone defies Him with vain desires to fulfill
Science, technology, progress has made it a conviction
That humans are good enough to not need revelation
This confidence turned into a delusion
That religion is nothing but an illusion
Atheism is now the new fashion
With its constant appeal to reason
Intellectuals are challenging the roots of tradition
Claiming to serve the cause of human elevation
Nietzsche had predicted the awful outcome of killing God
Horrific atrocities of last century proved he wasn’t flawed
Even then the world didn’t learn its lesson
Now again it’s following the same pattern
Humans are haunted by their emptiness within
But calling them towards Truth is deemed a sin
Violence, unrest, injustice is the order of the day
Satan, it seems, is elated to have the final say
In this hour of need, one nation was supposed to show the way
But is itself drowned in mundane acts and unfair play
It has access to the knowledge that enlightens heart and mind
But it’s immersed in ignorance of the worst kind
It was destined to be the leader of humanity
But it has become the symbol of insanity
It was meant to be a beacon of unity and hope
But sectarianism has totally shattered its rope
It was born to be a manifestation of the divine
Corruption and failure now form its only sign
It was created to be a symbol of dignity and honor
But humiliation and lowliness govern its culture
Once, it was a synonym of revolution
Now, a home to slavish imitation
Once, the cornerstone of inventions and discovery
Now, the other name for stagnancy and lethargy
Once, the source of renaissance in the West
Now, a dying bird in a wretched nest
Its blunders are highlighted in the news
Revival seems like chasing wild goose
Nothing it has learned from any mistake
Norms of forefathers, it doesn’t forsake
The religious community is devoid of critical thinking
Indifference of liberals ensures the ship’s sinking
Religious lot cannot leave worshiping false idols
Liberals lack deep insights to see traps of devils
Both are disloyal to their esteemed Prophet
As a savior, both are indeed misfit
Both make holy scripture a misunderstood book
Both fail to grasp the ultimate outlook
One made blind adherence to fallible personalities
The other couldn’t see flaws in secular philosophies
One simply lacks the spiritual level it aims
The other lacks intellectual caliber it claims
One continues to live in a fool’s paradise
The other doesn’t know what’s virtue or vice
Both are guilty of false diagnosis
Both are unable to end the crisis
Zionist enemies exploit this scenario ruthlessly
Waiting for Mahdi or Jesus won’t set us free
O’ ummah, what has made you so impotent?
That you are treated like an unwanted servant
Why do you seek sympathy for your defeat?
Rather than standing up on your own feet
God doesn’t change the condition of a nation
Until it changes its inner disposition
If Christianity is love, Islam is power
Why then are you a crushed flower?
When will you rise above differences within?
And consider every Muslim as your kin?
Neither be a Sunni nor a Shia
But be a genuine seeker of Allah
Even giants like Iqbal couldn’t wake you from your slumber
How many Aadils are needed to show you the bigger picture?
If you wish to fix the world, embrace Muhammad’s legacy
Strive for the fusion of genius and inner purity
Only Islam offers both spirituality and system of governance
Which complement all dimensions of human existence
Remember change is only a possibility
If passion and vision are in unity!

“The Veiled One”, 2021 

How many veils must be lifted
till your glimpse is gifted
How much pride must be sacrificed
till your grandeur is recognized
How much tribulation must be undergone
till a purified self is born
How many desires must be forsaken
till I let my soul awaken
How much heartbreak must be felt
till I allow my ego to melt
How many wishes must be blown away
till my only wish is your say
How many tears must be shed
till my spirit is truly fed
How much knowledge must be unlearned
till your gnosis is to be earned
How many books must be burned
till your message is fully learned
How many reasons must bear negation
till your love is granted affirmation
How many temptations must be fought
till the distance between us is naught
How many wines must be untasted
till your vision turns me intoxicated
How many petals of ‘I’ must wither
till I am able to pluck your flower
How many colors of me must fade
till your rainbow is displayed
How many songs must be unheard
till by your melody, I am stirred
How many peers must abandon me
till I am granted your proximity
How much jealousy must harm me
till I rely on only your sincerity
How many fears must be conquered
till your path is wholly traveled
How much self must be lost
till this journey is crossed
How many wars with myself I must win
till your disclosure will finally begin
How many words must be written
till silence becomes my expression
How many people must be forgiven
till I make my days enliven
How many memories must I erase
till my nights are for your praise
How many whys must be understood
till I experience what is selfhood
How many hows must be explored
till your divine wisdom is poured
How many theories must be rejected
till your concept is perfected
How much of philosophy must I replace
till your discourse rules my time-space
How much Science must be unendorsed
till the power of faith is the greatest force
How many illusions must be denied
till the devil’s tricks are defied
How many steps must I walk
till your exaltation is my talk
How many delusions must be addressed
till with your revelation, I am blessed
How much should I strive for bliss
till prostration is like a bride’s kiss
How much repentance must accompany sin
till I witness a revolution within
How much from vanity I must flee
till you acknowledge my humility
How much caprice must be suppressed
till you say, “I am highly impressed”
How much inner purity should I seek
till feminine beauty can’t make me weak
How much worldly glitter must I shun
till your rays are emitted from the sun
How much should I serve your creation
till I fulfill the definition of a human
How much should I revere your glorious name
till the key to your treasures, I can claim
How much remembrance do I owe your beloved
till I’m mentioned in the prayers of the prophet
How much self-worship must be undone
till I’m embraced by you, the Veiled One!


Don’t curse the spread of sin

Try to conquer the self within

Seek not faults in others

See your heart in a mirror

Purify it to that extent

Beautiful is every intent

The book will be revealed on it

Giving you no choice but to submit

The verses will mesmerize your soul

As if you had no other role

The message will overwhelm your mind

You won’t see the truth of another kind

You’ll be enchanted by the divine melody

As if there is simply no other reality

If free from desire is your being

Be an eye to God’s unveiling

If you drink from the cup of love

You’ll see bounties, below and above

If you walk the path of a saint

The picture will teach how to paint

Every occurrence is a signal from heaven

Only if you can decipher its wisdom

If you crave for honor in the Almighty’s sight

Diminish your candle infront of prophetic light

No spiritual journey exists in God’s palm

whose destination is without the Prophet of Islam

Impossible is virtue without his signature

With him, even a drop is a reservoir

Many ills can contaminate the human spirit

None is worse than irreverence for God’s beloved

Inner light isn’t accessible to the majority

Every drop doesn’t aspire to be the sea

Western Thought grants us the wrong lens

We must unlearn it and then commence

The road to enlightenment is experiential

Theoretical speculation is only a hurdle

Mystical insight is beyond Science and Philosophy

Because only the heart’s reach embraces infinity

Complain not about the corrupt government

Discern, instead, your own hidden serpent

Be obsessed with revelation, not revolution

Life’s secrets unlock after self-transformation

Does our age need Mandela or Rumi’s successor?

Aren’t our deepest problems spiritual in nature?

Aim not to change the world, O’ man

Its Creator knows what’s best in His plan!




“A Letter from the Children of the World” – Poem by Aadil Farook


Poem: The Divine Content






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